Discover the Benefits of Pure Mango Butter

March 05, 2018

Discover the Benefits of Pure Mango Butter

Mango Butter has become incredibly popular in skin products because of the natural emollient properties; wound healing, and regenerative activities from the Mango Tree. An emollient property is an agent that softens or soothes the skin. The botanical name of this butter is Mangifera Indica.

The origin of the Mango Tree is India, and the Mango is the national fruit of India, Pakistan, and the Philippians. The tree is also the national tree of Bangladesh. The composition of Mango butter is similar to Shea and Cocoa butter, with a lot of anti-oxidant factors that are good for the skin.

The Mango Butter is made from the fruit seed of the Mango Tree. The lubricity on the skin and moisturizing counters drying effects of the elements, making Mango Butter a popular base ingredient in body care products. The Butter is also an emollient with a good source of essential fatty acids.

The butter is oil that's solidified from the pressing of the seedpod off the Mango fruit. Then the butter is refined, and bleached and sometimes deodorized with a sweet scent. If not deodorized it has a virtually odorless scent. The waxy butter is also protective against UV radiation. This lubricous butter is a safe ingredient to use in products, as it is skin safe and non-tacky, which makes it an ideal choice for cosmetics and beauty products.

When you think of mango butter you are likely not thinking of skin care, but of some exotic tropical treat, tasting delicious and fabulously expensive. Not so.  Mango butter is not fabulously expensive, but it is exotic and is also fabulous for your skin. You have a wide choice of natural skin care products from which to choose, so it is bewildering why so many people opt for one or other of the commercial synthetic products full of harsh substances that have been proved time and again as potentially harmful. Such synthetic substances can do harm by preventing your skin doing the job nature intended.

With mango butter you need not worry about such things because it is 100% natural. It is packed full of beneficial antioxidants to keep your skin looking smooth and young, and helping to prevent its destruction by the free-radical generating industrial and traffic pollution, the pesticides that surround us due to modern agricultural techniques, the ubiquitous tobacco smoke and even the sun's rays.

Scientifically, it contains substances known as triterpenes and needs no added chemicals to offer its antioxidant properties to your skin. You will likely find 'preservatives' in your commercial preparation, under that or another obscure name. Mango butter contains natural preservatives that help to preserve your skin, and so preserve your youthful looks.

What more could you ask for than an exotic skin care product that is derived 100% from natural plant sources, protects your skin from the ravages of modern industry and living, contains no synthetic detergents or any other harmful substances, is inexpensive, and above all makes your skin feel luxuriously soft and supple? That is mango butter!

Recipes make with Mango Butter include;

  • Vegan Citrus Lip Butter
  • Coco Mango Body Balm

Tips and Ideas

  • You can use this ointment on a daily basis like any other cream.
  • The jar or tin should be out of sunlight as that can damage the product.
  • Make sure it does not come in contact with water as that can contaminate your mango butter.

Why Choose Our Mango Butter?

  • It helps fade scars and stretch marks 
  • Boosts collagen production 
  • Rich in Vitamins A, C and fatty acids 
  • Great for DIY projects.
  • 100% raw and pure 

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