How to Decompress After a Long Week

January 11, 2023

How to Decompress After a Long Week

We all have those weeks when we feel completely exhausted. Work schedules are getting increasingly hectic, and there is much to do. Especially for those who live in big cities like New York, where life can get very stressful. There are a lot of factors that contribute to increased stress in our personal or professional lives. Whatever the reason, we all need to decompress after a long week. Practicing self-care at the end of a stressful week is a must. We live in a day and age when people are much more aware of the importance of mental health and self-care. However, it can be tough sometimes to figure out what exactly to do to relax when we are tired and stressed. So we decided to give you some simple tips to help you with this.

A quick workout

The first thing on our list may seem a bit strange but let us explain why working out is a great way to decompress after a long week. A lot of people would say that after a few exhausting days, the last thing they want to do is work out. But the truth is, it can be really beneficial for you, mentally and physically.


When we work out, we reduce the levels of stress hormones, and our endorphins kick in. It makes us feel energized and relaxed. But it does not have to be a difficult extreme workout. The point is not to exhaust yourself even more but to relax. If you can, the best thing to do would be to work out outdoors. Fresh air helps relieve stress. Go for a quick run in the park or around your neighborhood. You can also go to a yoga class or pilates. Avoid strenuous workouts like weightlifting or boxing.


Decompress after a long week with a hot bath

While working out is a great option, sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is a nice hot bath. It's an effective yet affordable way to relax and release all the stress that's been building the past week. There are many benefits of these baths. First, warm water can relieve pain in your spine or joints, especially if you have a job where you are standing a lot of time. Also, a hot bath is calming, especially when adding bath salts.


A long hot bath will reduce your anxiety, release stress, and improve your mood. You can make this a unique experience for yourself. After you come home on the weekend, get your bathtub filled with warm water and some calming bath salts. And maybe a glass of wine and some relaxing music. Take some time for yourself; you can read in the bath or just simply lay there and relax.


Make a massage appointment

A massage is next on our list of ways to decompress after a long week. Few things are as relaxing as an hour spent with a masseuse. Sometimes the thing you need is not to do anything yourself but to let other people do it for you instead. A massage would be the perfect stress reliever if you had a week filled with stressful and tiring things.

For example, making a long-distance move in New York and hiring movers can be exhausting.


Experts can help you so that there is no need to do it alone, however, it is still a stressful experience altogether. After you are done with all that and you don't feel like working out, or long baths just aren't your thing, and your bathroom is still not fully set up, the easiest thing to do is to call the nearest masseuse near you and book an appointment. If you don't feel like leaving your home, you can even hire a masseuse that will come to you and massage you there.



Take time to do what you love

After a week of working for others and listening to your bosses telling you what to do, the best way to decompress is simply doing what you love. It can be absolutely anything. The only thing that matters is that it brings you joy. For some people, it is painting; for others, it's sport or fishing.


After you finish work, take the weekend for yourself and go to a painting class or call some friends for a game of basketball. Studies have shown that doing the thing we love makes us happier and less stressed. So it's vital to make time in our schedules to do the things we enjoy. You don't necessarily have to be good at these things. The most important thing is that doing them brings you joy and peace.


Spend some time with friends and family

A lot of people will tell you that the thing they are most proud of and that makes them the happiest is their family. Surrounding yourself with the people you love and spending quality time together can be the best stress reliever. Take your kids camping or go on a romantic dinner with your significant other. It can even be your friends that help you relax. Call them for a dinner party at your house or go for drinks somewhere. People are social beings and need to feel connected to others to be happy and relaxed.


Quick tip

When you are stressed and tired, it's best to stay away from social media. It can have a really damaging effect on your mood and cause you even more stress. When you get home from work, turn off your phone and try to stay away from it. Many people have shared that this really helped them relax and feel better about themselves.


In conclusion

All of these things will help you decompress after a long week. The key is finding something that works best for you. Just remember that you should practice self-care every day, even for a couple of minutes. It stops stress from piling up and overwhelming you.


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