Shea Butter For Your Skin, Hair, And Health

March 11, 2018

Shea Butter For Your Skin, Hair, And Health

Shea butter is one of the most valued skin care emollients in the world, with unsurpassed moisturizing and therapeutic properties. It's extracted from the fruit of the karate tree, found in the savannah region of West Africa.

Shea butter is an extract from the shea nut seed of the tree called shea or karite tree. This tree matures in twenty years, but its full production doesn't come until it is forty-five years old. The shea tree can produce harvestable nuts for 100% shea butter even if it is already two hundred years old. The natural ingredients in shea butter are the reason for its effectiveness.

Shea butter is currently available in an organic, unrefined form and refined form. Despite both being pure shea butter, the difference lies in the way they are produced. The refined shea butter has no natural fragrance and natural color. On the other hand, the organic, unrefined form of shea butter is in its natural state. Research has concluded that the refined form of shea butter is not as effective as the organic, unrefined one.

The primary use of pure shea butter is as a moisturizer and as an emollient. Many products carry shea butter but not pure shea butter due to its expensive cost. Many cosmetics mix other ingredients to the shea butter to cut expenses. Pure shea butter has been found to be very effective in fading scars and stretch marks. This in itself is one reason why so many women buy 100% shea butter. Other benefits of shea butter are keeping the skin elastic and supple.

Raw shea butter in shampoos and conditioners also help brittle hair regain its softness and elasticity. It can revitalize and prevent further breakage of the hair. Pure shea butter is also used for tribal ceremonies in Africa where the trees are common. Other uses for raw and pure shea butter are as cooking oil and conditioner for leather and wood. 100% shea butter is claimed to have anti-inflammatory properties, and has a reputation of helping lessen irritation from psoriasis, rashes and other skin disorders. Shea butter cream works to help preventing stretch mark or make vergetures appear less.

With the many benefits of shea butter, it is no wonder that is has caught on so fast in America. More and more products are using shea for its wonderful benefits, and for the fact that is high in oleic acid, vitamin E, vitamin A, Unsaponifiables (the butter retains its benefits rather than losing them in the soap making process), and others. Pure shea butter, of course, has the biggest concentration of beneficial properties, but other over the counter products that contain shea butter are also wonderful. They can offer a lot in the way of skin care, as long as a good percentage of shea butter is used.

When buying products made with shea butter, the closer to the top of the ingredient list it is, the more shea butter the product has. A product that lists shea butter as its last ingredient probably doesn't have enough shea to get the full benefit, so look for it higher on the list. Once you find a product that has the quantity of shea you would like, use it regularly and results will come in a short time. Like many say with shea butter, once you try it, you won't go back!

Recipes to Make With Shea Butter include;

  • Lemon-Basil Shea Butter Soap
  • Eczema Salve
  • Healing Herbal Hemp and Shea Lotion

Tips and Ideas

  • Heat and light can spoil oils. So store your raw shea butter in a cool, dark, dry place.
  • Don't apply it to your face before going out to town.
  • By dabbing Shea butter with your fingers, it can cause excess oil to accumulate. Instead, use a cotton pad or makeup sponge. Just make sure your sponge is clean of other products that may contain harsh chemicals.

Shea butter will make all of these problems vanish and bring your skin back into life and beauty. It is the most moisturizing skin care product in the world, so choose PURE Shea butter over other powerful anti-aging skin care products.