Essential Oil Bath Bomb Set for Women Men & Kids! Natural Bath Bombs Gift Set of 18 Shea Butter Moisturizing Bath Bombs for Men & Women. Bulk Wrapped Bath Bombs for Women & Men Gift Set…

Enjoy Heaven on Earth with Heaven & Earth

Let yourself be pampered
Let yourself be pampered

Tantalise your Senses

Upgrade your bath and uplift your spirit!

Rachelle Parker has created yet another fusion of top quality, natural ingredients designed to treat you to a spa experience from the comfort of your home. Enjoy bombs that fizz, float and fragrance your bath with sensual deliciousness. Our bombs deliver the unique properties of high-grade essential oils: Lavender for blissful relaxation, Eucalyptus for restoring rejuvenation or Mint for that refreshing zing. Which one will you choose for tonight's soak?

Want to pamper someone who works hard? Want to treat a friend, parent, colleague or someone special in your life? Or maybe yourself? Look no further than this bulk box of refreshing, soothing and invigorating bath candy to leave them feeling loved and pampered.

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