Premium XL Sandalwood Vanilla Deluxe Bath Gift Basket

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Pure! Luxury Spa Gift Basket For Men – When A Boring Tie Isn’t Enough Anymore!

Don’t you think that your husband, boyfriend or co-worker is simply sick and tired of all those boring ties and sweaters? Doesn’t he deserve a better gift?

Here’s How You Can Add A Unique Twist To An Ordinary Gift Basket!

Introducing the PURE! premium spa gift basket for men, the only gift set for men that will allow your brother or father feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

You know that every man secretly loves a relaxing and soul-soothing bath. So beat the stereotypes and offer your man the chance to enjoy a revitalizing bath 100% guilt-free!

But Remember, Throw In A Toy Battleship, Just To Be Sure!

After a long, hard day at work, then only thing every man needs is a soothing and rejuvenating spa-like bath. Only he doesn’t know yet! Show him the way to true serenity now!

Give your boyfriend or husband the opportunity to kick back and relax with the most luxurious spa gift set!

Let’s All Admit The Truth: Men Love Baths Too!

After all, your man will not go shopping for spa-like bath products on his own. So, why not fulfill his secret pleasure?


This Unforgettable Gift Basket Includes:
Wooden Multi Purpose Brush
Long Back Scrubber
Mesh Bath Sponge Loofah
Nail File for Spa-like Manicure & Pedicure
Renew Foot Scrubber
Spa Toe Separators
6 Rose Flower Soap Petals
4 Large Lush Aromatherapy Bath Bombs
Luxury Bath Slippers with Loofah
Dead Sea Salt Bath Crystals
Super Skin Nourish Body Butter
Refresh Body Spray & Room Spray
Aromatherapy Shower Gel
Aromatherapy Bubble Bath
Body Lotion

Net Weight: 4.4 lb

Directions: Use each gift item for its intended purpose.

Ingredients: 100% Premium Natural Ingredients