Pure Lemongrass Essential Oil, Aromatherapy Premium Therapeutic Grade with dropper, 4 oz.

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Lemongrass 4 Oz Pure Essential Oil Therapeutic Grade has no toxins, no additives, and is undiluted. The health benefits that lemongrass oil provides are extensive and wide-ranging for men and women. Lemongrass essential oil is also widely recognized for its anti-aging, antiseptic, and astringent properties that can leave your skin complexion bright, even, and smooth! Lemongrass 4 Oz Pure Essential Oil Therapeutic Grade 100% pure and natural Lemongrass essential oil has a fresh, invigorating, and uplifting aroma! Our oil is extracted by steam distillation from the freshest leaves, which is why it is such a natural and concentrated deodorizer. The aroma repels mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks so adding a few drops of this oil to water to create a bug spray is the perfect natural repellent! We’ve stored this oil in a large 4 ounce glass bottle with dropper to ensure longevity and convenience of use! Our oils are great for making soaps, deodorant, face, and body wash, scrubs, mask, toner, aftershave and cream. Some ways to use Lemongrass Oil: ✔ Add a few drops to a body lotion to combat body odor. ✔ Add a few drops to a carrier oil and rub on feet to fight toe fungus and athlete's foot. ✔ Mix with carrier oil and rub on skin to reduce fever.

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