Essential Oil Natural Bath Bombs Gift Set of 18 Lavender, Eucalyptus, & Mint Shea Butter Moisturizing Bath Bombs

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  • SUPERIOR IN EVERY SENSE   HE bath bombs will satisfy you in every sense. FEEL your skin being nourished like never before. SMELL the intoxicating fragrances that will enwrap you through your dreams. SEE the multicolor swirls of a long lasting beautiful fizz. HEAR your stress melting with the bubbles. Revel in the delight of only TRUE LUXURY bath bomb bliss
  • SELF CARE AT ITS BEST   Bath Bomb Gift Set Includes 18 2.5oz (golf ball size) Individually wrapped Bath Fizzers. Pin to open the bombs. Gift Card to Personalize your gift "Best Wishes Gift Tag". Kick back, unwind, and relax after a hard day with our luxury essential oil bath bombs, which will fill your bathtub with intoxicating aromas, soothe your muscles and help you relieve anxiety & stress while healing your body from within. 
  • NATURALLY SKIN LOVING   Naturally formulated with earth's best nourishing oils that will hydrate and renew your skin leaving it glowing naturally. Absolutely no parabens, sulfates, or chemicals added, only pure natural goodness!
  • HOLISTIC HEALING 🔮 Lavender Essential Oil reduces nausea, eases menstrual cramps. Eucalyptus Essential oil is known for its help with Cooling & Soothing aching Muscles. Mint Essential oils is Refreshing & Stress Relieving. The whole bath bomb set Promotes Genuine Relaxation
  • SHOW YOUR LOVE   Whether it's Christmas, Birthdays, or "just because" this gift set is guaranteed to make your loved ones day - and nights! Aromatherapy Bath Balls are beloved & appreciated by all ages! This year, get something truly special for her or him! Spoil the one you love most, to Heaven & Earth's best bath treats!

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